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Too right, your health is so precious, we helped our 83 year old neighbour after a car accident outside our house last week and the most important thing was that both she and the other driver were still in one piece.


We have had a good evening out at a pub quiz with three young colleagues one of whom is about to have her first baby at the same age I was when I had mine who is 21 this year :shock: on Saturday I will have two adult children in some ways I feel so old but in others I feel so complete and blessed. :D

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Had to unexpectedly drive to Bude, Cornwall and back to London today. Had a good day actually. We were only in Bude for an hour but we thought - blow it, not going to drive all this way and not go on the beach. It was actually awesome. Rain, wind and fierce sea. Truly how I like my seaside. I hate interminable long hot days on the beach. We had a cream tea and watched surfers brave what were to my suburban eyes giant waves. Then we went down on the beach , I bought a neon yellow rock-pooling net. Ours has broken and I use it to put the chickens away. They hate it and strut into their coop if I wave it around. I feel like One Woman and her Net.

We bought some Cornish beer too, we can get it in our local supermarket but it's not quite the same is it?

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If anyone in the London area has a tall good looking 18 year old male turn up on their doorstep with his towel and shower gel its probably my son. Our boiler has packed up - no hot water - had cold shower yesterday and frankly it may be character building but I am a wuss. Hes hoping one of his mates mums might take pity and let him use their shower.

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We haven't had much time to do any maintenance on our grass this year, now we are being rewarded with blackbirds removing the moss to use in their nests, starlings aerating the grass as they hunt for crane fly larvae, and gold finches eating the dandelion seed heads. A lovely reward for doing nothing :D .

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One of those days....


I rushed in from a dog walk this morning to get changed and take Rosie to collect her prom dress, when I neighbour rang; the conversation went something like this:


F: "I've just seen a weird looking man walking down the road in your direction, carrying a machete; do you think I should call the police?"


Me: "Absolutely, get off the phone and ring them... I'll go out to see if I can spot him"


I ran outside thinking that I would spot this man in the 200 yards between our houses, and be able to phone the police with an update on his whereabouts if I followed him from a safe distance. No man to be seen, so he must have ducked into one of the houses or access alleys along our road. I flagged down one of the police cars which had arrived and gave them an update before rushing off to meet Rosie at the gown shop.


I told her all about it as we heard the sirens screaming their way to our quiet neighbourhood, to be joined by the Thames Valley Police chopper. That's when she told me that she'd seen the same bloke while out on her run about 45 mins previously... he'd looked dazed and was carrying a 'big knife', so she had crossed over the road to avoid him, but it hadn't occurred to her to tell me or call the police!


The neighbour who rang me is now out for the day and I have no idea whether this man was tracked down or not... will update when I know more.


Let's hope the rest of the day is quieter. :roll:

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